About My Barter Game™

My Barter Game™ is finally ready for the HOLIDAYS!!



My Barter Game™ was created to help people understand Trade and Barter in a fun and educational way. This works for businesses, as well as children ages 7 and up.

OBJECT of My Barter Game™  is to move around the board acquiring trade cards. Trade cards are redeemed at business locations to gain profit in cash and trade. You start the game with $100 cash and $100 trade currency the big gimme of the game is when you go around BOTTOM LINE (our start) you need to PAY $200 in cash! So you see you have to quickly use what you have to get what you need! You can even work out trades with other players to achieve this. Fast paced, fun and easy to now learn the oldest and original currency, BARTER.

The very wealthy and the poor understand the POWERFUL TOOL Barter is in life and business. By mastering this game you will learn tricks that large corporations like Nike, Staples, and Boeing know. Allowing you to have a lifestyle of ease in the “real world” as well. Once you learn how to trade your world and lifestyle change forever!

Object of My Barter Game™ to acquire the most profit to win. Profit is cash and trade added together. The winner is declared by whomever has the most profit.


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You can put your face of either the cash or trade currency… you will still be part of history! These are in increments of $5,$10,$20,$50,$100, $500 in both or either cash and trade currency. This is first come first serve on choice. This is first year of print as many games as we print.Contact us for details, pricing and availability.

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