Advertising Spaces

There are 33 spaces available per board.

advertiseIf you are interested in a part of history and having your business featured contact us for details. Watch for the list of advertisers being updates soon!

WE are offering YOU TO BECOME Distributors as well so you can make profit off this in your business. Contact us for details and updated distribution pricing. This drives business to your business to purchase this never been done before game.

We will be listing places to pick up MY BARTER GAME tm near you. ORDER NOW ONLINE to be sure you receive one of the lower numbered, collectors additions in time for US SHIPPING for the HOLIDAY!

We have been asked to teach at ASU, and many other schools. The TODAY SHOW Is waiting to interview us…. this is just the start and short list of places and people who want to know more about this fun, educational, timely, way to learn about today’s hottest topic; BARTER. This has never been done before and already Poland, Australia, Canada, Spain, England, Brazil, and other countries are very interested in running with this. 9 Countries are waiting for release! We will be releasing in the US ONLY in time for the HOLIDAY with more copies being printed after available in a “roll out” Globally.

We will update the list of the business who are “On BOARD!” (puns are always intended!)