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My-Barter-Game-TMMy Barter Game™ was created to help people understand Trade and Barter in a fun and educational way. This works for businesses, as well as children ages 7 and up.

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The Object of My Barter Game™

Move around the board acquiring trade cards. Trade cards are redeemed at business locations to gain profit in cash and trade. You start the game with $100 cash and $100 trade currency the big gimme of the game is when you go around BOTTOM LINE (our start) you need to PAY $200 in cash!

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$29.95 Order you first edition copy of My Barter Game™ !  Be the first to own and learn how easy and fun trade is. There are a very limited number, signed and authenticated by the games developer.

Fun for Ages 6+

Developed by Ana Hawk, to show you a fun and easy way to use barter.   Everyone is talking about barter and this is a fun and game that can help you understand how simple it is to barter.

Great Holiday Gift!

This holiday season there is a new board game on the market that teaches adults and families how to get what they want no matter how the economy is doing. My Barter Game™ will change the way people look at economics, forever.

Advertising Opportunity

There are 33 spaces available per board. If you are interested in a part of history and having your business featured contact us for details. Watch for the list of advertisers being updates soon!

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Released just in time for the holidays!

Barter is the way to survive and thrive in a challenging economy.

My Barter Game™ teaches its players how to use barter to exchange what they have for what they want. Want to take a much-needed vacation? Players learn how to use barter for that. Want to send clients nice bottles of wine as thank you gifts? Players learn how to use barter for that. Want to enjoy life with a massage, yoga, or a spa day? Get taxes done? Hair? Nails? Get an oil change or tune up for the car? Players learn how to use barter for all of that and much more with My Barter Game™.

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Ana Hawk, Developer the game and CEO of Instant Barter, LLC, said, “We’re teaching people to have the lifestyle that they had back in the heyday of business in the 70s and 80s. People remember when cars, travel, entertainment and vacations were bonuses for success in business. What people don’t understand is that it was all done through trade. It doesn’t really matter what shape the economy is in. Anybody can have that lifestyle they desire now.”

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